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This webinar is for Americans who are 55 and older, in or near retirement. With so much uncertainty about the economy, election, pandemic, and the future of Social Security and Medicare, right now is a critical time to get informed. 

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If you are in or near retirement, you already know that planning for financial security can be hard. Many retirees know that they must consider their Social Security filing strategy, 401(k)s, IRAs, TPSs, and Pension Plans…

But did you know that taxes could potentially decimate all your hard work?

If you want to enjoy the kind of retirement that you deserve, you need to understand how taxes may impact your income — and what you can do to potentially pay less in taxes and keep more of your hard-earned dollars.

That’s why we have developed a live webinar for adults aged 55 and older. It has already helped inform hundreds of people across the nation, and we look forward to helping you navigate taxes in retirement.  

The Road to a Tax-Savvy Retirement

Why You Should Attend

About SYM Financial

Our financial advisors ask the right questions to bring clarity to your financial picture. We bring expertise, credentials and genuine care together to build a financial plan that targets your unique retirement goals. Taking all the important components of your investments, your work and your life into account, we advise on the whole picture. 

We believe that our business model produces the best possible results for its clients. SYM is a fiduciary. That means we are bound to act in your best interest before ours. We provide fee transparency. You will always know what you are paying, no hidden commissions. Founded in 1968, we have seen a lot of outcomes and the strategies we employ come from that experience.

During this webinar you will learn:

What the rising US National Debt can mean for your retirement

Strategies designed to shield your hard-earned money from rising tax rates

A little-known “Roth secret” that can potentially create tax-free income for your family 

And much, much more…. Using this valuable information, you will be in a better position to develop a smart tax strategy for your retirement. 

Learn how to protect your retirement from the IRS and avoid running out of money. Register to learn:

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Special Live Webinar...

What the rising US National Debt could mean for your retirement

What made 2021 an especially difficult year for those close to retirement

A strategy designed to shield your hard-earned money from rising tax rates

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